Trump voters are selfish — and they love him because they identify with him

Female Trump supporters gaze on the president in a Raleigh, NC rally. Picture by way of Chip Somodevilla/AFP.

The political corpse that is and was the 2016 presidential election continues to disclose its secrets and techniques. The most recent revelation? Donald Trump’s public supported an incompetent, ignorant bigot and potential traitor largely out of greed and selfish impulses.

This article first appeared on Salon.

In his new article, “Personal values and help for Donald Trump in the course of the 2016 US presidential main,” revealed within the journal Character and Individual Variations, psychologist Ryne Sherman explains “a prototypical Trump supporter” as someone with “little curiosity in supporting social welfare packages,” “a robust want for power,” “a robust want to earn a living,” numerous “considerations about personal and financial security” and a “choice for strictly adhering to social conventions (i.e., order, construction, and following the chain of command).”

Sherman concludes that “values perceived to be shared with Donald Trump” have been “a key driver of help” through the 2016 primaries. “This was true of each Republicans and Democrats, no matter political ideology. Those who felt more just like Trump when it comes to his values have been extra more likely to help him.”

These findings undermine any declare that Trump is one way or the other not a “actual” Republican and thus not representative of what conservatives really consider or assume:

Thus, this research also indicates that help for Trump was nonetheless largely associated with identifying as a Republican or Conservative. In different words, despite the presence of outstanding “never Trump” Republicans, those who supported Donald Trump did indeed share extremely overlapping private values with Republicans and Conservatives, regardless of their very own political attitudes. … [T]hose who most intently matched the Donald Trump values profile, have been simply as more likely to report being Republican or Conservative as they have been to report supporting Donald Trump. In other words, the standard Trump supporter was very a lot Republican and Conservative.

These findings complement what’s already recognized about Donald Trump’s voters, a gaggle comprising tens of hundreds of thousands of white People who have joined what’s effectively a political dying cult, and apparently won’t abandon their Nice Chief beneath any circumstances.

Trump’s Republican and conservative supporters share the following attributes:

  1. They’re extra more likely to be authoritarians and to embrace other excessive proper-wing ideologies.
  2. They are racially resentful and hostile to nonwhites. This angle is particularly pronounced in the direction of African-People.
  3. They exhibit types of toxic conduct associated with “collective narcissism.”
  4. They consider that white individuals are the actual victims of racism in America.
  5. They’re political bullies who interact in social dominance conduct towards people and teams they view as Different (nonwhites and immigrants, Muslims, gays and…

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