The best way to resist Trump? Beto and El Paso show us how it’s done

There’s little doubt in my thoughts that Donald Trump went to El Paso, Texas, on Monday night time hoping to create an unsightly scene. Thecity, which shares a border with Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, is about eighty % Latino and voted for Hillary Clinton over Trump by a whopping 43 factors in 2016. Together with his already inconceivable border wall plan slipping out of his fingers, his stubbornly excessive disapproval scores, and the variety of investigations into his corruption multiplying, Trump turned to his previous standby — racist trolling — in an apparent effort to distract the media and wind up his supporters.

It was a technique he used to nice impact on the marketing campaign path, most notably at his notorious Chicago rally: Show up in a racially numerous group, prompting protests and producing numerous pictures of white MAGA-hat wearers clashing with largely nonwhite protesters. The photographs are then disseminated throughout Breitbart, Drudge Report and other right-wing retailers to whip up Trump’s base, nurturing their perception that they’re “underneath assault” and their anger at individuals of colour for displaying defiance.

Trump’s trolling can create a seemingly unimaginable conundrum for progressives. No one needs Trump to carry his rallies with out the group standing as much as reject his hate and present that his bigotry won’t go unanswered. But how does the resistance converse its thoughts forcefully, with out inadvertently creating pictures that can be used to whip up racial resentment?

Nicely, on Monday night time, former Rep. Beto O’Rourke and the fantastic individuals of El Paso created a chic answer that permits progressives to speak out without feeding the Trump propaganda machine: As an alternative of a protest, hold a counter-rally.

Dubbed the “March for Fact” and organized by more than 50 local groups, the counter-rally did rather more than protest the hate fest being held by Trump a number of blocks away. It uplifted the town with heartening pictures showcasing the group of El Paso, and rejecting Trump’s efforts to demean border residents with racist stereotypes.

“El Paso has been the safest metropolis in the USA of America not regardless of the truth that we’re a city of immigrants but because we are a city of immigrants,” O’Rourke stated during his speech at the rally.

The rally, held outdoor with the stunning desert sky of West Texas as a backdrop, created a compelling counterpoint to the ugliness inside the world the place Trump held his rally. Photographs of the good-looking, charismatic O’Rourke standing with a diverse crowd of cheerful, decided progressives competed efficiently in the news cycle with pictures of the Trump rally.

To most People’ eyes, the progressive rally, which appears virtually like a rock live performance in some pictures, in all probability appeared a lot more fun.

Trump tried, in fact, to get back on message about how his supporters are being oppressed, eagerly hyping the handful of protesters within the viewers who have been hauled out by security. However it was clear from the…

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