Someone San Diego Should Know: Taking control ends downward spiral

Samantha Benner is 23 years previous, together with her personal house, good job and a dog named Hip. She is completely happy and faces a vibrant future. But Benner’s life was not all the time brilliant. How she turned bleakness into sunshine is inspiring and a lesson for others.

Benner was born in San Diego. Her mother and father separated when she was eight. At 13, she was sexually abused. She ditched faculty and commenced taking medicine.

At 14, she was utilizing crystal meth and heroin. Her life was spiraling down. “I didn’t need to be myself,” Benner stated.

By 18, Benner had been in and out of thirteen residential remedy centers, having run away from most and been evicted from others. She tried to kill herself. Between durations in residential remedy facilities, Benner was homeless, dwelling in parks, near streams and with individuals she met on the road.

She hit all-time low at 18, having multiple abusive relationships with men and overdosing on heroin.

Thankfully, throughout her teens Benner maintained communication with remedy counselors. “They gave me a shoulder to lean on and weren’t mad about my mistakes. They needed me to know someone cared. And, that was necessary for me,” she explained. “In the event you’re homeless at 15, something is missing. They have been the missing family piece I needed.”

Those communications performed a task in Benner’s turnaround. By 21, she started spending more time with supportive individuals and fewer with dangerous individuals. Her Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor convinced her to finish yet one more abusive relationship and San Diego Youth Providers helped her get began as an apprentice canine coach. She decided that it was time to stop relying upon outdoors influences, primarily abusive males, medicine and alcohol.

“I made a decision no more excuses. I needed to put in writing my very own story and take management of my life,” she stated. Benner put the identical willpower that she displayed in always operating into taking management of her life.

At this time, Benner is working at sobriety and understands that may be a life-long dedication. She has been clean and sober for a yr. “Medicine and alcohol are not a part of my story and I don’t need them to be.”

She enjoys her work as an apprentice dog coach and plans a profession working with canine, including her personal business.

In addition, she speaks to teams on behalf of San Diego Youth Providers. She tells them her success came after realizing she will do things for herself. She advises younger teenagers dealing with adversity and drug use to “stop making excuses — you get to write down your personal story. Get control over your life and settle for assist.” “Remedy,” she stated, “provides you the instruments and help you need whenever you determine to take control.”

Those who look after troublesome younger individuals need to know that change should come from inside the youngster. They should encourage remedy, supply help and steer them away from dangerous influences. “Be loving and supportive and attempt to convey out one of the best in your youngster,” she says.

And, she suggests, get a dog. Hip is her satisfaction and pleasure. “I might…

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