Pope to parents: It’s OK to fight, just not in front of kids

Pope Francis is providing new mother and father a bit of advice, telling them it is perfectly normal to struggle but just not in front of their youngsters due to the “anguish” it causes.

Francis asked permission Sunday to offer his counsel during a ceremony to baptize 27 newborns, an annual custom that fills the frescoed Sistine Chapel with newborns, their mother and father and godparents.

Amid coos and wails, Francis informed mother and father that that they had taken on an necessary new job of transmitting the faith to their youngsters — a job he stated begins at residence.

Francis then provided some off-the-cuff advice.

He says “it’s normal for spouses to battle … it would be unusual if they did not. Do it, however so that the youngsters don’t hear it or see it.”

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