Photo with actor Danny Glover backfires on Miami politicians

Actor Danny Glover’s political activism resume is as prolonged as his movie credit.

Within the areas Glover instructions — his work towards apartheid in South Africa and his robust stands on civil rights in this nation, for instance — he is admirable.

However relating to Cuba and Venezuela, Glover comes throughout as a clueless caricature, a prisoner to the left-wing politics that worship Latin American dictators who push the narrative that they’re the good liberators of the minority plenty.

In actuality, Glover’s pals — the late Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez, and now, Nicolás Maduro — are oppressors of the worst variety who have destroyed their nations, despatched tens of millions into painful exile and are violators of primary human rights like freedom of speech.

The unconditional help of celebrities like Glover fuels these dictators with the political oxygen they should exist.

We know this in Miami, house to those lots of of hundreds of exiles, proper?


You wouldn’t realize it by the Miamians — together with outstanding…

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