Miami-Dade County can help federal workers caught in the shutdown

President Trump’s shutdown has shed light on the troubling reality that tens of millions of People reside paycheck to paycheck. The shutdown, now the longest in historical past, has federal staff unable to cowl primary costs. Placing apart monthly reserves for emergencies has been a monetary nonstarter for too many.

Whereas the brand new yr typically means resolutions and a chance to start out anew, for 800,000 federal staff and their families, the shutdown has brought financial havoc.

What does this mean for our federally employed neighbors, relations and pals? They now have to depend on the financial help of family, max out credit cards or negotiate with landlords to cover lease and purchase the essential requirements.

With the shutdown more likely to continue, native authorities and nonprofits must play a task. We will carry each other up when assets are properly deployed and educational instruments are put to use. Moments of crisis may also be a time to mirror on how you can make financial stability a reality for every household.

In recent times, I have labored to create youngsters’s financial savings accounts and promoted lending circles as viable and flexible instruments for families to save lots of for emergencies. Many of these ideas have been vetted by economic improvement researchers and advisable in a 2016 Prosperity Initiatives Action Plan, which was prepared in response to my laws on Miami-Dade County Commission.

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