Here are 10 incredibly fake facts Trump supporters believe are true

Two younger Donald Trump fans wait to get inside the Trump rally in Manchester, N.H., Nov. 7, 2016 (Andrew Cline/Shutterstock)

People, divided and polarized as they are, reside in two distinct worlds. In a single world, the earth isn’t flat, local weather change is real and Bill and Hillary aren’t pimping youngsters out in the basement of a pizza restaurant.

The different world is devoid of cause, evidence and pretty much any sort of historical details. Even if Trump voters have been fleeced by the most important con man on the earth, they proceed to devour the lies he sells on a silver platter. In terms of information, Trump supporters aren’t head over heels in love with them. In any case, Trump’s rise came because of enjoying to uninformed and indignant individuals’s primal and worst sensibilities. They’re proper and all the world is mistaken, as a result of that’s what their cult chief informed them, and who needs Google anyway?

Listed here are 10 incredibly pretend information that Trump supporters consider are true.

1. Trump is a faithful Christian.

The thrice-married, pu$$y-grabbing Trump is actually quite the exemplary Christian, no less than in the minds of his supporters. They’re so satisfied of this pretend undeniable fact that they welcomed Trump at Jerry Fallwell’s Liberty College this past weekend, the place the president was given an honorary doctorate.

2. The financial system is enhancing because of Trump.

If there’s anything Trump does better than submitting for Chapter 11, it’s taking credit for issues other individuals have carried out. Half-time First Woman Melania Trump stole a speech from Michelle Obama, so it solely appears fitting that the Donald do it as properly. Now, although he hasn’t signed a single piece of financial laws and all financial knowledge is just a continuation of President Obama’s efforts, Trump appears to haven’t any problem taking credit score for all the constructive economic news. And even if Trump had been in office for a whopping two weeks, Fox News gave Trump full credit for a constructive jobs report in January.

3. ‘Tens of millions voted illegally’ (with no single shred of proof).

Not too long ago, a ballot discovered that fifty five % of Trump supporters consider his daft conspiracy principle that the one cause he misplaced the popular vote is because “tens of millions voted illegally” for Hillary Clinton. Ignorance is bliss, proper?

4. Immigration is off the rails and illegal immigrants are all violent criminals.

Trump played to the racist tendencies of working-class whites when he declared that Mexicans have been criminals and rapists, apart from some. He additionally took a page from Richard Nixon’s handbook and touted regulation and order for the silent majority. However right here’s the thing for people who reside in Realitytown, USA: internet migration from Mexico is principally zero and stats show that undocumented immigrants are actually less more likely to commit crimes than American citizens. But information will not be the way you Make America Nice Once more!

5. Trump should have the facility to overturn judicial rulings.

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