City Officials Worry Homeless Campers are Weakening Sacramento’s Levees

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SACRAMENTO — Homeless camps alongside the Sacramento and American rivers are creating a potential drawback that would have an effect on hundreds.

All along the rivers, Denise Plescia, who lives nearby, sees the homeless camps.

“They find places to hide, like that bush right there,” she informed FOX40.

Now, a few of the campers may be placing Plescia’s house at risk by compromising the structural integrity of the levees themselves.

Tim Kerr, common manager of the American River Flood Management District, gave FOX40 a tour Monday of a few of the drawback areas alongside the American River bike path just north of downtown Sacramento.

He defined that a number of the campers have been digging on the levee slope so as to get a flat surface for their tents. But when the river ranges rise in the winter that injury might cause collection problems.

“You’ll be able to have wind and wave action battering into the reduce and that would weaken the soil and trigger chunks of the levee to slip away,” Kerr stated.

“In a single spot a man had truly minimize into the levee enough like a cave,” stated Sacramento Metropolis Councilman Jeff Harris. “That would trigger a breach. There’s little question about it, this is harmful.”

Harris stated he’s asked the American River Flood Control District and Reclamation District one thousand, which manages the levees on the Sacramento River, for the situation of probably the most problematic camps. He hopes to have regulation enforcement go out and educate these causing the problem.

“Once they realized that they’re being displaced because they’re causing harm to our levees the word will get out,” Harris advised FOX40.

On Friday, the Reclamation District one thousand board also voted to send letters to a number of regulation enforcement businesses asking for help solving the issue.

FOX40 was advised the Sacramento Metropolis Council might be hearing a report about the issue from the levee districts within the next few weeks.

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